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Our journey started the same as everyone else’s. We had a goal to get and stay fit and help others to do the same. We are proud of our journey and look to inspire those who are looking to make a change.

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At Fitness Society, we take a different approach to our fitness programs. We encourage anyone, regardless of skill or where they are in their fitness journeys, to join us. It doesn’t matter if you have never taken an exercise class before. Unlike other fitness centers, we don’t divide our classes by physical capability. We encourage everyone to attend any one of our classes, depending on their goals. Our trainers accommodate and tailor to all physical capabilities and strengths. We aim to provide a judgment free, welcoming, encouraging environment for our members and guests. We believe that everyone who enters our doors is capable of achieving their health goals with the correct training, motivation, and encouragement. We want to see everyone achieve. Our mission is to inspire everyone to make the leap and begin their fitness journey today.

About Fitness Society

Steven Nelson

U.S Navy veteran. Upon leaving the military, decided to pursue a career in Personal Training. Around the same time, his mom was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Steven started training his mom with the goal of reversing her diabetes. Two years later, his mom is diabetes free and no longer on any medication. Steven was certified through The National Academy of Sports Medicine and carries multiple specializations including Performance Enhancement and Fitness Nutrition. He is also a Level 1 Certified Olympic Weightlifting Coach.

Diana Palushaj

Starting as a client of Steven and Teddy’s, she has lost over 70 pounds. Inspired by her own fitness journey, she decided to pursue a career in fitness. She is certified through International Sports Sciences Association.

Teddy Amsbaugh

He is dedicated and devoted to helping clients of all ages achieve a better quality of life and fitness. With five years of experience, he has spent the last three years coaching thousands of people, leading a team of like-minded individuals, and gathering all of the experience he could so that he could be the best trainer, coach, and leader as possible to the people in need. He has a diploma from The National Personal Training Institute and holds multiple certifications in training and nutrition. His goal is to continuously learn and grow his skill set to better service those in need.


This gym is an amazing addition to the city of Novi. It’s perfect for anyone who is just starting their fitness journey or already has experience under their belt. As a member I honestly look forward to the gym for the first time in my life. The trainers customize every workout to fit you & your needs. They are knowledgeable & keep you motivated as they are also trying to achieve their own goals. Bootcamp style, weight training plus nutrition around the clock. The staff and members are a good vibe and keep the fun alive!!

Kristin W

This place has super intense yet fun workouts from a hype staff that truly cares. Best place by far for a great workout and results!! Highly recommend

Darby S

Extremely knowledgable and passionate team that will motivate you and guide you to achieve your fitness goals. They have convenient sessions throughout the day with challenging and intense workouts. They promote a fun and positive atmosphere where your only competition is you! Choose between weight training sessions or sweat sessions or BOTH. You will leave the gym feeling great! Switched from a big box gym 4 weeks ago and my only regret is that I didn't find then sooner!

Gina J

Awesome gym with great trainers. They keep track of your progress very closely and keep updating the work routine for maximum impact. The trainers are helpful and motivate you to do your best. They discuss and resolve any problems being faced by you and educate you regarding the various workouts they recommend according to your body and objectives. I have been continuing with them for over few months now and still am as motivated as the day one for visiting the gym. The best thing about them is that they make sure that you are getting results for your time.

Devika S

I have reversed my type 2 diabetes, I am off all medication, and I have lost over 75 pounds. Diet and exercise changed my life, let Fitness Society change yours.

Debbie N

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