Frequently Asked Questions

At Fitness Society, our members range from beginners to fitness experts. We aim to provide a healthy lifestyle through nutrition and training. Browse our Frequently Asked Questions to find answers to your fitness and health questions.

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What Types of Food Should I Eat Before Exercising?

The ACSM recommends eating a small meal or snack with carbohydrates and/or protein to gain the energy you need to boost your performance while in class. You should wait one to two hours to exercise following a meal. Fitness Society’s Conditioning classes include nutritional counseling to help you choose the right foods for your body and goals.

How Often Should I Work Out to See Results?

The American College of Sports Medicine recommends 20-60 minutes of exercise, three to five times a week to begin from a sedentary lifestyle. After you begin to see results, it’s recommended you increase your workout resistance to see further improvement.

Where are you located?

You can find Fitness Society at 39810 Grand River Avenue Unit 150, Novi, Mi 48375. Having trouble getting to our location? No problem, get directions to our gym by clicking this link.

What are your hours?

Mon, Wed, Fri: 5:30-7:30am; closed from 7:30-9:30am; 9:30-11:30am open; closes at 11:30am-5:30pm; 5:30pm-8:30pm

Tuesday, thurs - 5:30am-7:30am; closed from 7:30 - 9:30am; 9:30 - 11:30 open; closed from 11:30 - 4:30; 4:30pm-8:30pm

Sat - 8am - Noon

Sun - closed

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