Strength Training

At Fitness Society, we believe the key to fitness begins with Strength Training. Whether you are looking to take your first Strength Training class or have been taking them for years, our trainers will give you the best workout for your body.

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Intro to Strength Training

Intro to Strength training

Fitness Society offers Strength Training as the basis for all of our workout programs. Not only do we give you an invigorating, effective workout every time, but we teach you the proper technique to handle equipment for better results and to prevent injury. We focus on teaching proper technique for how to use a barbell and motor skills like Squat, Bench Press and Deadlift.

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Youth Performance

Youth Performance

We offer Youth Performance classes for our younger members. Involving kids in strength training classes improves energy levels, teaches discipline, and instills lifelong skills by encouraging younger members to have an active, healthy lifestyle.

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The Training you need and deserve.

Fat loss, toning muscles

Improved strength, flexibility, agility

Increased metabolism for permanent weight loss

Protect bone density, muscle mass

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